The Percheron World Congress, 2004

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The Percheron World Congress, 2004
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DVD: The Percheron World Congress, 2004

The Percheron World Congress is held every 3 years and in 2004 was held in Brandon, Manitoba.

The Percheron Breed, in all its glory, came to Brandon for this major event in the Percheron World. Of all draft horse breeds the Percheron is certainly one of the most popular. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Musical Ride was also featured as the main entertainment for the show.

More than 500 of these fine Percheron draft horses competed in the events which included in-hand classes for all ages, hitch classes for teams, 4 horse hitches, 6 and 8 horse hitches and Tandem and Unicorn classes. There were also chore horse competitions, heavy horse pulls and the log skidding competitions.

This 105 minute video highlights the 5 days of the 2004 Percheron World Congress show.

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For more information on Percheron Draft Horses try The Draft Horse Journal the world’s foremost heavy horse and mule publication.

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