The Gathering of the Orange

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The Gathering of the Orange
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DVD: The Gathering of the Orange

The Gathering of the Orange, Allis Chalmers enthusiasts and their bright orange Allis Chalmers machinery traveled to Portage La Prairie in Manitoba for this year’s, Gathering of the Orange. Under the Allis Chalmers name, also came Gleanor combines, Rumley tractors and Gaar Scott steam engines, just to mention a few. These events, under the name of the Gathering of the Orange, take place twice a year in different parts of North America.

They celebrate the Allis Chalmers line of farm equipment dating back to the early 1990s. Several Hart Parr tractors and a fine example of a Gaar Scott traction engine were demonstrated working in their many different ways plus a full line of Allis Chalmers self propelled combines and the earliest of the Allis Chalmers pull type combines were working the fields here at Portage’s own, Gathering of the Orange. An almost complete Gleanor combine line up were demonstrated at this show, as well.
This video follows the 3 days of this fine event and includes part of the American Gathering of the Orange Caravan as they crossed the Canadian border and made their ways Northwards to the event in Portage. Many of the Allis Chalmers models traveled along in the Orange Caravan.
2 hours long with many interviews and discussions. Plus a walk through the many Allis Chalmers tractors and combines. The demonstrations included a demo with a rare Allis Chalmers Roto baler, making the small round bales. We even had one of the bale pickers demonstrated picking the field of these small bales. An Allis Chalmers threshing machine worked on each of the three days, as also did a number of different Allis Chalmers swathers, plus a daily demo with an Allis potato harvester. These orange tractors, of all sizes and ages, worked the fields. A big, but well renovated 8 bottom John Deere plough, turned the soil behind Bob Anderson’s Gaar Scott steam engine. and another locally owned Rumley Oil Pull engine. Smaller ploughs were being powered by 2 smaller Rumley engines. A John Deere binder, powered by an old Allis Chalmers engine, cut the crop of wheat for the threshing demonstration. A complete collection of Allis toys plus many other exhibits, filled the area.
4 years in the making, the organizers of this years “Gathering of the Orange”, can only be proud of the job they did. Nan Jones was here too, the owner of the name, the Gathering of the Orange and publisher of Old Allis news.

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