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DVD: Renewable Energy Now!

Renewable Sources of Energy to include technologies for Wind Power Homes and Solar Power Homes.
Renewable Energy Now! is a 2-hour video which will enlighten you to the many options that are available in the field of renewable sources of energy and sustainable living.

Solar power and wind power have emerged as the two main renewable sources of energy. More and more people are looking to have solar power homes and wind power homes as alternative energy sources.
This video was filmed at the Midwest Renewable Energy Association annual fair, the largest solar power and renewable energy fair in the world. Randy Udall of the Community Office of Resource Efficiency (CORE), leads this video as he challenges us with new concepts in solar power, solar power homes, wind power and wind power homes, and discusses the future in renewable sources of energy and hybrid vehicles.
Without a doubt, as a society we have to consider the options for renewable sources of energy, understand the concepts of solar power and determine whether the advances in solar power and wind power can become a part of a new and renewable energy way of life. By introducing solar power homes and wind power homes, these forms of renewable energy can be used to supplement our daily energy needs.
Up until recently, solar energy has only attracted a small amount of interest, but as more people move towards a more sustainable lifestyle, then the option of using wind power or solar power, or even a combination of the two, wind and solar power, all of a sudden becomes a reality in changing to a new form of renewable energy.
Our trip to the Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair in Wisconsin was of great interest to us. This event is put on each year by the Mid West Renewable Energy Association, the MREA, and has been since the early 1990s. For many years I had wanted to travel to this event to learn more about the technologies that would make up our future. I had read about this event in the Countryside Magazine but felt there had to be a lot more to this event than the couple of pages that was given to it. And I was right. We weren’t disappointed.

There were many aspects of this show that caught our eye and there were certain things that seemed especially practical and useable for us. The next person may possibly be further along in their experience of Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living and so would have found a different level of greater interest. Whatever level, we tried to cover the whole experience of this event from solar power and wind power, hybrid vehicles, (aswell as some of the other fuel possibilities such as biodiesel, ethanol, soya fuels etc..), then there was different and interesting building demonstrations and talks, and the list goes on. One of the most fortunate things for us was the opportunity to use Randy Udall’s talk to highlight the different areas as we moved into them. Randy gave the Keynote speech on the Saturday, and what a great talk it was to.

So we ended up editing these 12 hours of footage into a 2 hour documentary. There’s lots to learn and lots to see. I hope you enjoy the program.

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