2003 ISDS International Sheepdog Trials

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2003 ISDS International Sheepdog Trials
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DVD: 2003 ISDS International Sheepdog Trials

The International Sheep Dog Society (ISDS) International Sheep Dog Trials were held in 2003 at Stranraer, Scotland which saw Border collies and working sheep dogs from the heart of the Border Collie country in Scotland.

For enthusiasts of Border Collies, this 150 minute video features the best of working Border Collies and sheepdog breeds at this year’s International Sheep Dog Trials, heralding Johnny Wilson a third time winner of the International Sheep Dog Championship.
The video highlights the Supreme sheep dog finals, the International sheep dog qualifying trials and also the International sheep dog Brace championship. Enthusiasts of Border Collies from around the world travel to this annual sheep dog trial to experience the very best of today’s working Border Collies and sheep dog teams.
This video looks at the 2 days of the sheepdog qualifying trial, highlights the top Border Collies in each day of the trial and then progresses through to the Supreme Sheep Dog Finals, the most prestigious event in the working Border Collie and sheepdog world.
Lots of interesting interviews from “dyed in the wool” sheep dog and Border Collie folk. Filmed in partnership with the ISDS and the International Sheepdog News. For the Border Collie enthusiast, Sheepdog trialing at its best.

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