Working Horses of the 90's

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Working Horses of the 90's
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DVD: Working Horses of the 90's

The draft horse, heavy horses logging, ranch horses, Welsh Cobs pulling canal boats all feature in this 2 hour video. The video also looks at blacksmithing and the work of a traditional wheelwright and features footage from Scotland’s Royal Highland Show.

The aim of this program was to show how a working horse still earns a living in rural life both in the UK and also in North America. There are many draft horse teams displayed at agricultural shows today that will never actually be used for practical work. My interest was to show the other side of the working horse, the ones who actually worked for their bread and butter.
During travels across Canada, into the USA and then through England, Wales and Scotland I found many diverse and interesting ways where working horses were still being used. The Welsh Cobs used on the canal boats in Wales, Clydesdales and Ardennes working the huge forests on the borders of Scotland and England, horses choring the large ranches of Western Canada, just to mention a few.
This video also highlights some of the characters and crafts that accompany the horse such as Farriers and Wheelwrights.

Looking back to when I was producing this video, I can honestly say I wouldn’t change any part of the original production. As it stands, I feel it is a grand documentary of the Working Horse.

The Draft Horse Journal magazine said, “two full hours and very professionally produced. The photography, commentary and interviews are all excellent”.

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