The Canadian Rancher

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The Canadian Rancher
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DVD: The Canadian Rancher

Cattle ranching is part of the cowboy’s way of life in Western Canada. Join Mark as he tells the story of his cattle ranching year and his life as a rancher.

The program begins in January, feeding his 450 head cowherd, using a team of horses when temperatures are below minus 20 degrees.

Then follow the seasons with Mark through calving time, brandings, round ups, bull sales, calf sales, breaking a team of chore horses and much more. A unique chance to learn about the life and history of a true cattle ranching family, cowboys cattle ranching and this part of the West.

It took 3 years and 6000 miles of travelling to complete this video, resulting in nearly 30 hours of raw footage. Since it became available it has been viewed all around the world, used as a backdrop to a large national championship steer show, and enjoyed by thousands.

The Canadian Rancher is a documentary of an almost lost way of life. But, in its own way, it is also an educational program describing, to the viewer, a way of life which would be otherwise unknown to the vast majority of people.

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