A Yoke of Oxen & The Early Settlers

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A Yoke of Oxen & The Early Settlers
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DVD: A Yoke of Oxen & The Early Settlers

A look at the life of pioneer settlers - Oxen played an important role for the pioneer settlers and in pioneer life. At Ross Farm Museum (Nova Scotia) one can see oxen at work and also the making of oxen equipment such as an oxen yoke, blacksmithing, etc.

With the help of Ross Farm we have been able to capture the life and history of the early pioneer settlers and their work with oxen. This in depth 90 minute video has been well received in the Oxen community.
My objective, when I set out to produce this program, was to produce a documentary of the teamsters, hear their stories, look back into the history of the oxen, and create a story that was worthy of this disappearing part of the pioneer life. From the feedback received from customers, I believe I managed to achieve these goals. We captured and preserved an important part of our rural history and the pioneer life for many to see and other generations to appreciate.
In addition to my time filming at Ross Farm, I spent a few days filming at the Bridgewater Agricultural Exhibition, home of the annual International Ox Pull where some 80 teams come to compete.
The stories are told by the characters who work these fine animals.

This is what H B of Dawsonville, Georgia said,
“This video took me back through the history of these wonderful animals, and showed how they worked with the pioneers, and even today, are still used on farms and in woods in some areas. The music, the interviews, the pictures were all put together very professionally. Just a very interesting video.”

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