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Katherine's Farm
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DVD: Katherine's Farm

One of the most popular educational, childrens’ video, on farm life. Rural Route Videos produced this now popular and recognized video, all about the 4 seasons on a traditional farm (2 hours).

In terms of educational videos, Katherine’s Farm tells a wonderful learning story otherwise untold in other Children’s videos.
Polly the Berkshire sow has a new litter of pigs, chicks hatch out, lambs are born and Betsy, the house cow, has a new calf called Three Spots. Hay making, seeding, harvesting the crops and so much more.
Life on Katherine’s farm is a learning experience every day and through out the 4 seasons of the year. One of the most popular educational videos it is enjoyed by children of all ages.

“I purchased the video Katherine’s Farm for our daughter’s 2nd birthday and she has watched and watched it over and over again. It is a really good video for all ages.”
- HC from Lincolnshire, England

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