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Border Collie Training Videos Starting your Border Collie, the DVD, has been a reference for hundreds of Border Collie trainers, across the world. Recognized as one of the best resources available for people keen to train their border collie.

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Starting your Border Collie on Cattle, Sheep or Ducks
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DVD: Starting your Border Collie on Cattle, Sheep or Ducks

Starting your Border Collie on Cattle, Sheep or Ducks has become an important tool in starting and training Border Collies. Using the Border Collies natural instinct of balance, this video show 5 young dogs starting out on their working life.

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The Working Border Collie magazine said, “in our opinion, this is the best video ever produced on raising and starting a Border Collie”. Takes you through the early months, nutritional and veterinary needs, the basic commands and then onto a full training program.

From the early months through a sound training program, 5 young dogs start their working lives, This is our most recent video on training Border Collies and it has literally been sold and viewed in every corner of the world. It has truly become the new corner stone of our business.

Starting Your Border Collie on Cattle, Sheep or Ducks is the third video produced on this subject by Rural Route Videos and although our previous DVD, Training and Working a Border Collie had great reviews, this completely new video has become an industry standard.

Working Border Collie magazine also said about the video, “The entire production has been so carefully planned and explained that it leaves no gaps in the process. The entire video is so well produced and filmed that it seems to flow together effortlessly. Anyone interested in training a stock dog would benefit greatly from this production”.

The Ranch Dog Trainer magazine review said, “This excellent video shows the novice stock dog trainer how to start a Border Collie and how to develop the animal’s natural herding instincts … The video is high quality, and not only in the material presented, but it features good camera work and sound. however, its greatest asset is the easily understood training program for starting a Border Collie.”

The beauty of this video is that it leaves no one out. As the title suggests, Starting Your Border Collie on Cattle, Sheep or Ducks covers a wide range of training options. Glen is started in the summer on 3 steers. Jill is started in the fall on 5 ducks, for just one week, and then moves onto working dry cows in the winter months. Spot starts on sheep and stays on sheep while Moss starts on sheep and then is put onto cows.

Finally Tess is started on dry cows in the winter and then onto 3 steers in the summer. You will follow each of these dogs through their progress. But before any of these pups are started you are led through the simple approach of keeping your pup out of trouble, and properly raising it to its working age. This is very important. Throughout this video, animated graphics help the viewer to understand the process in a more simple way.

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