world sheep dog trials

3 separate videos covering the 4 days at the ISDS World Sheep Dog Trials

For this year we are holding the total times at 2 hours for each program. This way we can fit them onto DVDs. We have been producing DVDs for the past year but have decided to concentrate our efforts here....

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The Final day of the ISDS World Sheep Dog Trials, 2005

The Sunday morning, and the final day of this World Sheep Dog Trial, was unfortunately dawned with a heavy blanket of fog. The fog was so thick that you could barely see past the handlers standing out by the handlers...

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Camera shots to best capture the different aspects of the World Sheep Dog Trial

Before we even got over to Ireland dad had all our days planned out and where we were going to be set up with our cameras. Dad wanted to make it so that his camera was the main one up...

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