working dog

ISDS Qualifying Trials

Border Collies, the finest working dog anywhere. For Border Collie videos, Rural Route Videos has a selection of the top Border Collie trials, the US Border Collie Handlers Finals, and also the International Sheepdog Trials from the UK., the oldest...

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Sheepdog Competitions and the Top Border Collies

The International Sheep Dog Society, the ISDS, is the one main Border Collie institution in Britain. As many dogs end up being exported from the UK and to many parts of the world, at some point or another, most keen...

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Understanding how a Border Collie work

5. This is an important part of my video, Starting Your Border Collie on Cattle, Sheep or Ducks. To understand what you should expect from a young Border Collie and also how to end up with a top class working...

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