Summary of the top Qualifying runs, Field 1, at ISDS World Sheep Dog Trials, 2005

Although the sheep were moved around for the 2nd day of the qualifying, Field One kept the Suffolk type sheep that ran on the field on day one. The results for the Friday qualifying competition, from Trial Field One was:...

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The Afternoon runs at the ISDS Finals

Rural Route Videos produce farm videos, in particular about Border Collies, their training and trials. Our Border Collie and Sheep dog pages, on our web site, have been written to try to inform interested Border Collie handlers of our different...

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International Sheep Dog Society’s Qualifying Runs

Famous Border Collies. The incredible working abilities of the Border Collie have covered many centuries. In North America, one of the most prominent handlers and importers of these fine dogs was a fellow by the name of Arthur Allen. There...

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