toddy lambe

Prize Giving

Border Collie information can be found through magazines and on the web. The Working Border Collie magazine and the American Border Collie magazine are 2 of the main magazines in North America. The International Sheep Dog Society, (ISDS) also have...

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The Afternoon runs at the ISDS Finals

Rural Route Videos produce farm videos, in particular about Border Collies, their training and trials. Our Border Collie and Sheep dog pages, on our web site, have been written to try to inform interested Border Collie handlers of our different...

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Saturday morning of the ISDS Supreme Championship

Border Collies, 2005 and other related farm videos. As I mentioned before, the major Border Collie event this year, 2005, will be the biggest Border Collie gathering of all times. The 2005 ISDS, International Sheepdog Society, World Trial in Southern...

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