The Afternoon runs at the ISDS Finals

Rural Route Videos produce farm videos, in particular about Border Collies, their training and trials. Our Border Collie and Sheep dog pages, on our web site, have been written to try to inform interested Border Collie handlers of our different...

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The International Sheep Dog Society’s (ISDS) Supreme Sheepdog Championship

Border Collies, Border Collies and more Border Collies Click below on the sheepdog trial that you want to view: * 1990 Supreme Sheepdog Championship from Alnwich Castle, Northumberland * 1991 Supreme Sheepdog Championship from Carmichael, Lanarkshire * 1992 Supreme Sheepdog...

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Sheepdog Trial Videos

The International Sheep Dog Society’s (ISDS) Supreme Championship These trial tapes are for the Border Collie enthusiasts, with these clever Border Collies working at their very finest. The handlers and their sheepdog’s, who qualify for this most prestigious of competitions,...

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