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The International Sheep Dog Society’s (ISDS) Supreme Championship

sheepdog working Sheepdog Trial Videos

These trial tapes are for the Border Collie enthusiasts, with these clever Border Collies working at their very finest. The handlers and their sheepdog’s, who qualify for this most prestigious of competitions, are from the very elite of the Border Collie world.sheepdog 150x135 Sheepdog Trial Videos
Since our first trip to the Supreme Championship in 1988, at Blair Athol in Perthshire, we have produced a number of videos highlighting these Supreme sheepdog trials.
Click Here to view our selection of the ISDS Supreme Championship videos

The International Sheep Dog Society’s (ISDS) World Trials

Border Collie handlers from all around the world have competed and qualified for a chance to compete at this most prestigious of sheepdog trials. Held just twice, the ISDS is committed to making this a regular event, probably on a 3 year rotation. Up until now, the 2 World Sheepdog Trials have been held on the fields of the British Isles, in 2002 at Bala in North Wales and then in 2005 at Tullamore in Ireland.
Click Here to view our selection of the ISDS World Sheepdog Championships

The United States Border Collie Handlers Association (USBCHA) National Finals

The USBCHA is the Border Collie association that organizes and oversees the National Finals and the qualifying system that leads to the National Finals competition.
The U.S. Finals are held in the fall of the year and move around the different areas of the country with the different Border Collie associations bidding on the opportunity to hold these trials. We covered the 1990 National Finals when it was held in Illinios and then started again in 1999 on through to the 2003 national Finals when it was held in Sturgis, South Dakota.
Click Here to view our selection of the USBCHA National Finals videos

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