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isds The International Sheep Dog Society’s (ISDS) Supreme Sheepdog ChampionshipClick below on the sheepdog trial that you want to view:

* 1990 Supreme Sheepdog Championship from Alnwich Castle, Northumberland
* 1991 Supreme Sheepdog Championship from Carmichael, Lanarkshire
* 1992 Supreme Sheepdog Championship from Aberystwyth, North Wales
* 1993 Supreme Sheepdog Championship from Armathwaite, the Lake District
* 1994 Supreme Sheepdog Championship from Monymusk, Aberdeenshire
* 1995 Supreme Sheepdog Championship from Clwyd, North Wales

* 2002 Supreme Sheepdog Championship from Seaford, Ireland
* 2003 Supreme Sheepdog Championship from Stranraer, Scotland
* 2004 Supreme Sheepdog Championship from Llandeilo, West Wales
* 2005 Supreme Sheepdog Championship from Ross on Wye, Herefordshire
* 2006 Supreme Sheepdog Championship from Kelso in Scotland

A summary on my work with the ISDS and their Supreme Sheepdog Championships

isds border collie The International Sheep Dog Society’s (ISDS) Supreme Sheepdog ChampionshipSince 1988 I have produced videos on the ISDS Supreme Sheepdog Championships

The International Sheep Dog Society, the ISDS, is the most formidable organization in the world of the Border Collie and our faithful working sheepdogs. They are the main registry for sheepdogs around the world and oversee the workings of the National Trials and also the Supreme Sheepdog Championships. These Supreme Sheepdog Championships are held on an annual basis with the very elite of Border Collie handlers and Border Collies vying for this most prestigious award. This is the top trial, world wide, in the sheepdog world.

We started our travels to the ISDS Supreme Championship in 1988 when it was held at Blair Athol in Perthshire. This was a new experience for me, seeing a trial of this quality with the very best of working Border Collies. From my beginnings of producing videos with the ISDS in 1988, I carried on through the next 8 years traveling from Canada to the location of the next Supreme Sheepdog Championship. Each year the Supreme moved to another country and a new location. In 1989 I then traveled to Margum Park, in South Wales, the year that the Bobby Dalziel and his young Wisp took the championship shield. It was also the year that the first lady handler topped the scores of the qualifying trials, an accomplishment won by Julie Deptford, (Simpson). She went on to win the Supreme in 1996 at Chatsworth.

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