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Sheep Handling Facilities – Are they Necessary?


BasicsofGoodSheepManagement 211x300 Sheep Handling Facilities – Are they Necessary?

Whether you are running 50 ewes, 500 ewes or flock of 1000 sheep, a well thought out sheep handling facility is a real must. Whether you build your own or buy one of the excellent facilities offered, the freedom of being able to handle your flock at anytime and for any reason is really important.

Working with other sheep producers, over the years, they’re level of management and their production achieved from their sheep has much to do with having an easily accessible, and always available, handling system.

So your sheep may need worming, the vaccination period is close approaching or your lambs may need weighing today, the horrific struggle of working with your lambs or ewes without a handling set-up, will discourage the job from happening. If you can use your system as of, in the next five minutes, then the jobs will be done on time and you’ll all have a happy face at the end of the day. You won’t have a happy face though if you are going to have to struggle with each of these jobs.

In our video, The Basics of Good Sheep Management, there is a short section on designing a handling system and this will give you some ideas of what you will need. Some of the panels are fairly easy to make, but the more intricate shedding gates, swinging gates, etc., are best bought from one of the manufacturers. Even the more simple dividing panels are almost as economically bought, rather than made at home, unless you are set up for the job.

When I was visiting South Dakota this past fall, I saw an excellent walk through gate made by Syddel. As I had my small car, I was only able to buy one of these gates. I wondered, at the time, whether it was worth the struggle of finding a space for it, but I am sure glad I did. I walk through that gate 20 times a day and every time I do I’m thankful that I don’t have to throw a leg over the adjoining panel, especially with a bucket of grain in each hand.

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