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The Sheep for the 2004 ISDS Championship


Training Border Collies. A well bred Border Collie will have a real interest in working and also an instinctive desire to gather its stock. In the Border Collie world, this desire to gather is often called Balance, because of it’s ability to carefully direct the sheep to the handler. Not all Border Collies are born equal and so it is important to find a top handler and take the time to discuss your needs with other Border Collie handlers and owners. But a well bred Border Collie is usually quite easy to train and very willing to please and learn.

It always takes a lot of handlers just to set out the sheep and also to exhaust the sheep once they have been run. None of these sheep are run a 2nd time on a specific day so that each handler will have a fresh group for their run. Collars have to be put on at one end of the field and taken off at the exhaust pens.

These Welsh ewes were tremendous and gave a constant challenge to the handlers and their dogs. They moved freely and worked around the course just right.

welsh ewes The Sheep for the 2004 ISDS Championship
With the many regulations that are in effect now because of the Foot and Mouth disease of a few years ago, special permits have to be issued to graze sheep on other farmers land. The land also has to be left free from stock for a period of time. All very time consuming and for the ISDS, and it’s specific committees, it makes holding such a demanding trial, as the International, a lot more difficult as there are only a few estates and flocks that can accommodate such regulations.

The ISDS International Sheep Dog Trials 2004 DVD

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