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Saturday morning of the ISDS Supreme Championship


Border Collies, 2005 and other related farm videos. As I mentioned before, the major Border Collie event this year, 2005, will be the biggest Border Collie gathering of all times. The 2005 ISDS, International Sheepdog Society, World Trial in Southern Ireland. I have spoken to the ISDS and also the organizing committee of the trial and I am still hoping to have the chance to film the trial and put together my usual video, plus a little extra.

No one had told the hotel staff that we would be requiring an early breakfast on the Saturday morning and so the restaurant wasn’t scheduled to open before 8 am. I needed to be set up by 7:30, at the latest, and so left hoping to find some breakfast to eat at the trial field. I felt much better on the Saturday morning, than on Friday, but the doctor had told me to make sure I didn’t miss any meals and to drink lots, not a possible situation for any cameramen on location, unless you’re with the likes of the BBC or Welsh TV., who I watched constantly from my shed above their interview crew. They had a specific person whose job it was to feed and water the crew members, wherever they were on the field. The field was beginning to look pretty muddy and so I headed for a little higher spot for my car, although a bit further to walk. This turned out to be a good plan as it was a sorry sight in the evening with the lines of the cars stuck in the mud.

winning run1 Saturday morning of the ISDS Supreme Championship
winning run2 Saturday morning of the ISDS Supreme Championship
I almost missed Toddy Lambe’s winning run!

The canteen didn’t get going by the start of the trial and so I waited until about ten before trying to find a cup of tea. There was a great queue and while I waited for my tea, Toddy Lambe’s run began. I rushed back to start the camera going as Craig began his first lift. Fortunately I didn’t wait any longer to get served as Toddy went on to win this year’s championship. That could have been a disaster!

winning run results Saturday morning of the ISDS Supreme Championship

The ISDS International Sheep Dog Trials 2004 DVD

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