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Border Collie information can be found through magazines and on the web. The Working Border Collie magazine and the American Border Collie magazine are 2 of the main magazines in North America. The International Sheep Dog Society, (ISDS) also have a very informative magazine and should be in the hands of every Border Collie enthusiast in North America. For farm videos and Border Collie, and sheepdog, related videos please look through our pages on this Rural Route Videos site.

There are a whole truck full of awards and prizes given out to their worthy winners after the Finals. The handlers all stay off the course until their name is called up. Eventually all of the handlers and their dogs end up on the course in front of the granstand. A good crowd always waits for the prize giving as the handlers all congratulate each other and the winning handler receives his or her many prizes and trophies. Here are some of the pictures of the prize giving. A special prize was given this year, presented by the Meirion Owen family in memory of Meirion’s father. It was won by the Welsh handler, Nigel Watkins. It was an emotional presentation for Meirion, the Welsh National president. He told me afterwards that as he and his committee worked towards holding this trial, as much as his father congratulated him for his effort and enthusiasm, somehow his father knew that he would never get to see the trial himself. Meirion’s father passed away shortly before the trial was held.

2004 isds champions Prize Giving
2004 isds highest points Prize Giving
toddy lambe winner Prize Giving
prizegiving Prize Giving
camara crew Prize Giving
2004 isds supreme champions Prize Giving

The ISDS International Sheep Dog Trials 2004 DVD

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