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It’s all in the Parking


Thanks for looking through these Border Collie pages and following my story of the ISDS Finals. Please feel free to look through our pages of Border Collie and sheepdog videos.

When I parked my car in the early morning I decided to try to find a place where the mud would be less of a problem later on in the afternoon. plus park the car in the direction towards the exist. It worked. I passed a number of well stuck cars as they tried to leave the field, including Selwyn Thomas’s new Audio and a heavily laidened Range Rover. I felt pretty clever. There was lots of mud. A field completely transformed in just a few days, from green to brown.

Not so clever. On arriving at the car wash, just 15 minutes after leaving the field, I was only to find out that someone had scraped the side of my brand new rented car. Ouch!!

I had a great picture from the road of all the cars stuck but I can’t find it now. Muddy and stuck but I do have some footage in the video of the cars struggling through the brown stuff. Not very exciting through!

rural route videos It’s all in the Parking

The ISDS International Sheep Dog Trials 2004 DVD

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