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The top Border Collie Trial for 2005. Border Collies from all over the world will be traveling to Southern Ireland for the 2005 ISDS World Sheep Dog Trials. Over the past few years, we have tried to keep up to date on this next major Border Collie event, with talks and interviews from the likes of Norman Lorton and other officials in the ISDS. If you have watched our ISDS finals you will have heard a little about the continued progress of this event. (That’s Norman being interviewed, again)

norman lorton Male Voice ChoirOn the Thursday evening the Welsh Choir was due to perform at another hotel, about 20 minutes from the hotel in Carmarthen where I was staying. I had asked about filming it and was told that I didn’t need a ticket as long as I didn’t want the meal. I decide to eat in Carmarthen, before heading out to the choir, as I seldom have time to eat and film at the same time. Well, as it turned out, there was something wrong with the pasty meal I bought or possibly I was getting the flu, but during the evening I got to feel worse and worse and buy the time I arrived back at the hotel, after the concert, I was really feeling lousy.

welsh choir Male Voice Choir

The ISDS International Sheep Dog Trials 2004 DVD

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