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The ISDS Young Handlers’ Competition


Border Collie and farm videos. We have lots of different videos on Border Collie / sheepdog / Cattledog trials as well as a Training video for Border Collies called, Starting Your Border Collie on Cattle, Sheep and Ducks.

This is a yearly event and held at lunch time at mid day. The national presidents from the 4 countries judge the trial, allowing the other judges time to get some lunch and everything else they need to do. The Young Handler’s course is similar to the qualifying course at the International. A decent outrun, lift, fetch, drive and cross drive, then the pen and finishing up with a shed.

young handler The ISDS Young Handlers’ Competition
A young English handler won the 2004 award at the International Sheepdog Society’s big event.

The ISDS International Sheep Dog Trials 2004 DVD

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Information about Border Collies

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