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ISDS Qualifying Trials


Border Collies, the finest working dog anywhere. For Border Collie videos, Rural Route Videos has a selection of the top Border Collie trials, the US Border Collie Handlers Finals, and also the International Sheepdog Trials from the UK., the oldest Border Collie registry anywhere.

grand stand ISDS Qualifying TrialsSo along came the first day of the trial, the Thursday. The actual trial began at 8 am. and so I had to have had my breakfast at the hotel and be on site and set up by about 7:30. I usually will set up the one camera and the monitor, and everything that goes with it, and then use a 2nd camera with an onboard shotgun mic for the interviews and stories around the site. I carry a couple of tripods with me on a trip like this, about 5 different mics, 5 battery packs, chargers, lens controllers, headphones, a 5 inch monitor, 100 feet of shield mic cable, extension cords, 25 hours of digital tape, etc., the list goes on.

jack ISDS Qualifying TrialsAnd so, on the Thursday of these Internationals, I try to get some of the runs, bits here and there, but then look for topics of interest. Here at Llandeilo, the event was as much a Country Fair as it was the International Sheep Dog trials. I also came across Jack peddling his many fine crooks.

The ISDS International Sheep Dog Trials 2004 DVD

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