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Last of the ISDS Qualifying Runs


Border Collie figurines, Some of the very finest Border Collie art work has to come the wonderful line of Border Fine Art figurines. These depict Border Collies and sheepdog scenes that really come to life. If you haven’t seen these marvelous pieces of art work, each hand painted, then you should go on line. Do a search for ‘Border Fine Art‘ and you’ll be sure to end up with one of their Border Collie scenes on your mantel.

dai jones Last of the ISDS Qualifying Runs
I filmed most of the Friday afternoon’s runs as they were the top runs in their National Trials and represented some of the most significant names in the Border Collie world in the UK. Plus the final 4 runs of the day were the National Champions and the team captains. I consider that although these handlers may not actually get into the final day, there should be a place for them, even briefly, in the video of the Finals. After all they will have been significant competitors for the year, by just winning their National Championship! Once the final runs of the day have been completed then there’s a sort break before the final 15 are announced, and their order of running. This year Dai Jones did the honors of reading out the names. He’s the fellow in the announcers van. Here’s the line up.

finalists 11 Last of the ISDS Qualifying Runsfinalists 2 Last of the ISDS Qualifying Runs

15 Finalists

The ISDS International Sheep Dog Trials 2004 DVD

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