Making a Sheep Dog Video

Day 2-ISDS Qualifying Trials


Border Collie trials in the UK. The main Border Collie, Sheepdog trials in the UK. appear in the late summer. There are other main trials, but over the years, and as far as the Border Collie world is concerned, the 4, ISDS, National trials and then the International Sheep Dog Society’s International Supreme are the most prestigious of all competitions in the UK.

After a night of no sleep whatsoever, I got ready for the next day of competition. I still felt like death and the first person I met at the trial field was Sulwyn Thomas, one of the orgainsers. It was a wet cold morning and as soon as Sulwyn saw me he told me to get over to the first aid tent. From there they told me to go to the surgery in town, with a worried look of the nurses face. They phoned ahead for an appointment for me. That was the end of the Friday morning and many lost opportunities. I had planned on filming the Police Dog demo and the demo with the Birds of Prey but time was lost and the afternoon was to be taken up elsewhere.

caterers Day 2 ISDS Qualifying TrialsIt was a dull and cool day and the little mobile canteen stayed busy most of the time.

The ISDS International Sheep Dog Trials 2004 DVD

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