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Getting the dates right, helps!


Sheepdog trials became a part of the Border Collie world in the late 1800s when the first sheepdog trial was held just a few miles from Bala in North Wales. Since then the popularity of the Border Collie breed has continued to increase. Today, all around the world, Border Collie enthusiasts have been bitten by the “black and white disease”, the fanatical experience that comes along with a Border Collie dog.

border collie Getting the dates right, helps!My trip to the International Supreme Sheepdog trials this year, took me to Carmarthenshire in West Wales with a flight from Winnipeg to Toronto and then a connecting flight through to Heathrow. But, before going too far, I’m going to back up a few weeks to early September, only days before my flight to the UK.

My father in law was staying with us and one morning he asked where I was going in Wales. Well I hadn’t really looked too hard at the specifics of exactly where the trial was, but I did know it was in Carmarthenshire. Jane went into the ISDS site and printed off the info on this year’s Supreme for him to look at. I was editing a program on the World Percheron Congress that morning, and I could hear Geoffrey asking this and that and then saying, “when’s he leaving?”. I wasn’t really paying too much attention but there was some confusion in the Kitchen, lots of nattering and then finally Jane coming in and asking if I knew when the International was this year.
“Of course I do”, I replied. “The 2nd weekend in September. It’s always on the 2nd weekend in September. WHY?”
“Well it’s the 3rd weekend this year Martin.”
Oops, the 3rd weekend and my returning flight was booked for the Friday, the 2nd day of the qualifying trial. This wasn’t going to work out too well.
$350 later I managed to change my flight!

The ISDS International Sheep Dog Trials 2004 DVD

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