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Country Fair


For many fine Border Collie items you can look through the pages at the ISDS web site. The Working Border Collie magazine is one of the best Border Collie magazines found anywhere. They’re based in the States, and the ISDS also puts out its own magazine for the Border Collie enthusiast.

There were lots of different activities going on. Police dog demonstrations, Colin Gordon with his Ducks and his Border Collies. Then there were Crook making demos, antique machinery displays, poultry, crafts, shearing, wool spinning, etc., etc.. So I went around looking for interviews and subjects and demos of interest. I always end up with way more talks and footage than I actually use. Much of this is because when I start into an interview I really don’t know whether it will work out, whether it is really interesting enough to use, whether the interviewed person can actually talk on camera, and whether it will fit in with the program. This takes quite a bit of time and at least half of the first day of the event.

ducks Country Fairhand spinning  wool Country Fairice cream Country Fairorganic cheese Country Fair

The ISDS International Sheep Dog Trials 2004 DVD

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