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The Afternoon runs at the ISDS Finals


Rural Route Videos produce farm videos, in particular about Border Collies, their training and trials.

Our Border Collie and Sheep dog pages, on our web site, have been written to try to inform interested Border Collie handlers of our different video programs and also other information about the Border Collie breed. We have produced videos about Border Collie training and sheep dog trials since the mid 1980s, beginning with our first Border Collie trial video in 1984. The Sheepdog trial videos began in 1988 when I first visited the International Sheep Dog Society’s (ISDS) Supreme Finals at Blair Athol, in Perthshire. The Border Collie breed has been a major part of my life since I left school and it has been a real pleasure to have been able to spend so many of my years with this fine and smart breed of dog.

So the afternoons runs at the ISDS Finals continue on the Saturday. The last runs of the trial usually finish at about 4:30 and then a fairly long waiting period follows for the judges to check over the final scores. By the time the last of the runs have been finished I try to work out who else I need to talk to. The handlers are not really in a mood to talk to me at this time as they wait for their final placings. The results of the day’s competition are only announced at the very end of the day and so the handlers are pretty anxious as prizes are given out, and so this is a bad time to try to get anything from these men and women. Once the price giving is over then I have to pounce, trying for quick thoughts and comments from anyone I have on my list, before they make their mad dash for home. Of course the winner is very important, the reserve handler, an organizer, someone from the ISDS, etc.

johnny wilson The Afternoon runs at the ISDS Finals
toddy lambe The Afternoon runs at the ISDS Finals
man The Afternoon runs at the ISDS Finals
working sheep The Afternoon runs at the ISDS Finals
pj turnbull The Afternoon runs at the ISDS Finals

The ISDS International Sheep Dog Trials 2004 DVD

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