Filming Sheep Dog Trials

The Sheep at ISDS World Sheep Dog Trials, 2005


The committee for the ISDS World Sheep Dog competition did well to find such great sheep. These sheep for this year’s World Sheep Dog Trial were made up of 2 quite different types. They were ideal for such a challenging event but fair for all. The little Horned Hill sheep challenged each and every Border Collie, but in a manageable way, while the Suffolk type sheep were a little more laid back.

13 sheep dog with sheep The Sheep at ISDS World Sheep Dog Trials, 2005The most important key in the course of the handler’s run is the sheep. In the couple of days at this year’s World Sheep Dog Trial, we were introduced to many different temperaments of sheep. There were the Horned Hill sheep that were more inclined to split apart, were quite light and more difficult to shed, from what I could see. Unfortunately, on the hardest Qualifying field, Field Three, these sheep were tested out, making the course even harder for the dog.

The second breed of sheep was the Suffolks cross. Everyone was quite pleased with these sheep as they did not break apart and moved steadily along infront of the dog.

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