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ISDS World Sheep Dog Trials, 2005


Early this year, the ISDS, (International Sheep Dog Society), asked us to document, in a video, the 4 days of the World Sheep Dog Trials in Ireland. Over 200 Border Collies were entered to travel to this year’s ISDS World Sheep Dog Trials and from 21 nations from around the world.

For my first time to Ireland, I think that my dad and I did pretty well; what with seeing as much countryside possible and meeting all the lovely people from the ISDS. We couldn’t have asked for better weather.

1 world sheep dog trials ISDS World Sheep Dog Trials, 2005

The trip from Winnipeg to Ireland, on the other hand, was quite different than what I imagined it would be. I hadn’t been on a plane in a couple of years, and I was kind of looking forward to getting on a big plane and just sailing over to Ireland. Well, dad and I were taken by surprise to find out that the planes we were taking first went to Thunder Bay. That wasn’t too bad until we realized that the little 40-seater plane with the two propellers sitting out on the runway was it. The ride over wasn’t that bad. A little cramped for dad, and not enough space to put the cameras above our seats so we ended up putting them under the seats ahead of us. Making it a bit more cramped. But we eventually made it to Thunder Bay and got on another, slightly bigger plane that took us to Toronto, where we got onto my big plane that flew us to Dublin Airport.

1 tulach mhor tullamore ISDS World Sheep Dog Trials, 2005So, the biggest task was finished. We had made it to Dublin (with our luggage, which was fortunate because we were incredibly late for our flight to Dublin) and now we had to go and rent our car and get all the bags into it. The car, for me, was the funniest part of the day, because we didn’t realize that an upgrade from the compact car was equivalent to the compact car but with 4 doors instead of 2. Dad was a little concerned that all the luggage and equipment we needed for the World Sheep dog trials, our hockey bag with our tripods and clothes, our slightly smaller bag with the rest of our clothes, a big equipment box and our 4 carry-on cameras weren’t going to fit, but with some good smushing and pushing, we got it all in the car and we were on our way to Tullamore, the site for the 2005 World Sheepdog trials.

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