Filming Sheep Dog Trials

The importance of good audio!


Always a problem at such an event as the ISDS World Sheep Dog Trials and any sheep dog trial for that matter!

20 ploughing mic cable The importance of good audio! The most important moment my father was looking forward to was setting up his mic on the handlers post using an underground wire he was going to insert using a little gadget he had had made by our neighbor in Canada and had carefully stowed in our luggage. (It was made of a shovel handle that was attached to a little 6-inch plow blade that had a place where the wire could be fed through and put into the ground before we stamped the ground back into place.) It was a very nifty little thing that dad was itching to use as soon as we unpacked it on Tuesday. So, finally we talked to the owner of the 4-wheeler in the booth area and asked him to use his bike to tow the plow thing from the fence to the handler’s post. He came and attached it to the back of the bike and (with quite a few spectators) dad proudly plowed his little wire into the ground. I think the effect of this little gadget actually working was enough to impress the spectators and they moved off after dad had reached his destination. (Jim Cropper exclaimed, “ Are you going to plough the whole bloody field, Martin?)

20 atv ride The importance of good audio! Once in the ground and everyone had cleared off, dad and I were left to test out the mic. Dad pulled out his camera and headphones as I went and plugged in the mic at the post. I didn’t make it too far back to dad before he ripped off the headphones and said, “ What the heck is that!” I didn’t really understand, so he proceeded to describe what he was hearing in the headphones instead of the usual noise I was making in the mic. Dad had successfully picked up the local Irish radio station that was airing the Football game live from someplace. Well, this didn’t go over too well, as you can imagine. I felt quite bad for dad because he was so excited about it, then to have that come of it. I don’t think I have heard him say, “That’s incredible…just…incredible”, (in a shocked and somewhat bewildered voice) so many times in my life. So, we had to resort to the normal practice of taping the shot gun mic to the post in front of the handlers area and the fence line about 40 yards from the handlers post. Then extended with the useful shovel handle from his gadget so that the mic could be at least 2 feet closer and off the wire on the fence. Poor dad, but we made it through okay.

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