Filming Sheep Dog Trials

Handler Registration / ISDS World Sheep Dog Trials, 2005


The first formalities at the ISDS World Sheep Dog trial at Tullamore was the Wednesday’s registration. Every handler had to collect their information and package. Lots of Border Collies came to Tullamore that day. Our work had already started but the parade with all the handlers and their Border Collie dogs was an important start to the video.

5 people Handler Registration / ISDS World Sheep Dog Trials, 2005The afternoon of Wednesday was taken up with the Handler Registration and parade of all the teams and handlers taking part in this year’s World Sheep Dog trials. Unfortunately, the merchandise turned up late and the organizers in the main room were pretty ragged running around trying to get things together. I joined in to help putting certain things into the bags that the handlers would be receiving, and soon got caught up in the fact that there were still another odds and ends to be put into the bag after we had thought we were done. I felt so happy for them once it was all done, and the handlers had all been through.

5 parade Handler Registration / ISDS World Sheep Dog Trials, 2005Then it was dad’s turn to run around and try to get some good shots of the parade and the Opening Ceremonies in the Square. The flags brightly lit up the road as the 21 countries represented at the World Trials walked down the streets of Tullamore, showing off their Border Collie dogs that they had worked so hard to get over into the competition. I’ve never seen so many well-behaved dogs all in one place! (My dogs can’t even take that long together without something going wrong.) All in all, the Wednesday’s events turned out just brilliant, making everyone very excited to start the competition and beginning the real work.

5 parade en mass Handler Registration / ISDS World Sheep Dog Trials, 2005

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