Filming Sheep Dog Trials

Getting all our equipment set up for the start of this years ISDS World Sheep Dog Trials


The ISDS 2005 World Sheep Dog trials were to be on par with the great event held at Bala in 2002. I knew the possibilities and what was involved in documenting an event such as the World Sheep Dog Championships and so I prepared for this trip with greater depth than in 2002. At the World Trials in Bala, my new camera quit on day 2 and ever since then I have taken a spare camera on these trips. As Katherine was coming along to help at this year’s World Sheep Dog trials I needed to rent another 3 chip camera. With all the Border Collies and sheepdog handlers due to take part in this event I knew we were in for a big job.

4 shearing sheep Getting all our equipment set up for the start of this years ISDS World Sheep Dog TrialsSetting up for the World Trial was Wednesday’s feat. Dad’s little hut for filming the trials was put up on stilts and we were able to check out all the trial fields and see where exactly we were going to be setting up for the Qualifying days. At the same time over the four days, there were going to be a whole bunch of extra demonstrations going on that we had to film. This was more than just a sheep dog competition, there were also many interesting demos going on and helping dad at the trial meant I got a free invitation to watch and a better view through the camera lens. These demonstrations included the Sheepdog training, showing how a Border Collie works, the Falconry show, Dog Obedience Training with Labs and other breeds other than Border Collies, and some horse threshing, sheep shearing, different sheep breeds being shown, and lots more. It seemed impossible, for me, to get all the footage that we wanted to get! But, of course, dad proved me wrong again.

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