Filming Sheep Dog Trials

Editing the 3 videos of the World Sheep Dog Trials, 2005


Now the job is editing. I have been lucky enough to be recruited by dad to edit this program once we got back. This started out with capturing all the footage onto the computer. (About 34 hours of tape to run through). Then I had the job of going through all that footage and writing down what it was about and what happened. This process is called Time Coding. Now, it’s just to wait for dad to come and look through the notes I’ve made so he can write the script. I love it when our neighbors ask “So, you been doing any work lately?” when dad comes back from these kind of trips. They have absolutely no idea how much you have to do to “simply” put a program together. I’m only just realizing how much work there is to do. I’m actually quite excited for the proper editing. I’ve got a month left before I need to move into Brandon for University, so this next month is going to be hectic!

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Click on any of the titles below for the full details of the videos from this event:

* ISDS World Trial 2005 – Highlights of the 4 days
* ISDS World Trial 2005 – Final Day – Top 5 Runs
* ISDS World Trial 2005 – Semi-Final Highlights

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