Filming Sheep Dog Trials

Driving to the World Sheep Dog Trials, from Tullamore, Ireland


The 2005 ISDS World Sheep Dog trials were held close to Tullamore, in Ireland. Tullamore is a couple of hours west of Dublin airport. Although a small town, it is a center of activity and was ideal to hold as big an event as this year’s World Sheep Dog trials. There were enough rooms and accommodation for the many Border Collie handlers and enthusiasts that came to watch this event.

2 ireland Driving to the World Sheep Dog Trials, from Tullamore, IrelandDriving in Ireland was exciting for me. The roads are so different than to what we’re used to in Canada. The easy, straight, mile after mile roads we have here in Canada were completely different from the narrow, winding roads of Ireland. Driving on the “wrong” side of the road doesn’t help either. I had been named the official map-reader for the 10 days we were there, and I started the trip off by taking us the long way to Tullamore instead of going around on the N5. But, we got there, and despite the cool cloudy weather we were in high spirits.

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* ISDS World Trial 2005 – Highlights of the 4 days
* ISDS World Trial 2005 – Final Day – Top 5 Runs
* ISDS World Trial 2005 – Semi-Final Highlights

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