Filming Sheep Dog Trials

Day 1 qualifying / ISDS World Sheep Dog Trials, 2005


The first day of competition at the ISDS World Sheep Dog trials was on the Thursday. 40 Border Collies were due to run on each field and on each of the 2 days of qualifying.

6 course layout Day 1 qualifying / ISDS World Sheep Dog Trials, 2005The first day, Thursday, though quite cloudy and sometimes misty and rainy, it gave the handler and dogs some cooler weather to be competing in. The Trial Fields were set up in three different parts of the beautiful Charleville Estate. Field 1 being on the main part of the gathering, overlooking the magnificent castle behind the trees. Field 2 was closer to the village, and was said to be the best field out of all three. The 3rd Field was on the other side of the castle, and was definitely the hardest field due to the obscured vision for the dog to see the sheep.

One of the first men I met at the sheepdog Trial was one of the Organizers of the World Trial, Simon Mosse. He must have been the most stressed person I had seen there. I don’t think that his phone ever stopped ringing with people asking for more things. Though, through the confusion and stress, Simon was always making sure that people were happy. The entire effort that the World Trial Organizing Committee put into the trial and grounds was just astounding. I’m sure everyone would like to thank them all for how much care they put into their task.

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