Filming Sheep Dog Trials

Our accommodation, the Bridge House Hotel in Tullamore. HQ for the 2005 World Sheepdog Trials


The World Sheep Dog Trial Committee had their work cut out in preparing for this event. Most of the committee are Border Collie handlers and so understood the needs for everyone involved with this major sheep dog competition. The ISDS had lots of behind the scenes work in organizing this trial but the actual on-field work came down to the local sheep dog committee, headed by Simon Mosse.

3 irish men Our accommodation, the Bridge House Hotel in Tullamore. HQ for the 2005 World Sheepdog TrialsThe Bridge House Hotel was the HQ for the ISDS, the International Sheep Dog Society, and the World Trial, and all the Border Collie folk who had traveled to the World Sheep Dog Trials. It was far from what I ever expected us to be staying in. It was amazingly huge and very “posh”. I loved it, and we enjoyed our 6 days there immensely.

As soon as we finished unpacking our equipment we were off to the site of the 4 days of trials and to see how things were setting up, and meet all the organizers. We were pretty tired because it was Tuesday, and we had gotten on the plane on the Monday. I think it hit me more than it hit dad, though.

It was there that we met Norman Lorton, (executive director of the ISDS); Simon Mosse, (chairman of the World Sheepdog Trials), Jim Easton, and Con McGarry, bringing me to the conclusion that Irish men were the most jolly, carefree men of the world. Their hospitality and helpfulness was so awesome and it really helped me to feel at home among them.

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