Filming Sheep Dog Trials

3 separate videos covering the 4 days at the ISDS World Sheep Dog Trials


For this year we are holding the total times at 2 hours for each program. This way we can fit them onto DVDs. We have been producing DVDs for the past year but have decided to concentrate our efforts here. Same price though, whether a DVD or Video tape. The ISDS will be handling the programs except for in North America. That’s been left for us.

Dad is always able to come up with some new idea when he starts out on a program. This time he indulged me with his plan of making three separate videos from this event. The first is the proper video of the entire 4 days, called the “Highlights” program. This will cover the 2 days of the World Sheep Dog Trials, qualifying competition, the Semi-Finals, and Finals. Also, there’s going to be clips of what happened behind the scenes in the ISDS office and in the extra demonstrations that were performed.

The second tape is going to be just on the Semi-Finals. It will show all the runs and points of the handlers and their dogs as they ran their courses. And if you were wondering what I was doing as I ran around the field on the Saturday, asking every handler for their input; this is where those interviews will come into play. You’ll be able to hear what the handler thought of their run and about some of the backgrounds on these amazing dogs.

And for the third, we’re going to take the top runs of the Finals and show you their complete runs and all the stats that go with them, whatever fits into 2 hours.

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Click on any of the titles below for the full details of the videos from this event:

* ISDS World Trial 2005 – Highlights of the 4 days
* ISDS World Trial 2005 – Final Day – Top 5 Runs
* ISDS World Trial 2005 – Semi-Final Highlights

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