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Seems like a long time ago!


I was surprised to see that it was January that I last wrote in my news letter page. That seems like a long time ago!

In April I managed to finish the International Sheep Dog Society, World Trial video, which was held in Bala, North Wales. When I was recently in Scotland at the ISDS International finals many people came over to compliment me on this video. That was just great! The production of this video however, was submerged with disasters and problems which started off with my new DV camera packing up the day before the trial started!! Fortunately I managed to rent a similar camera from Welsh TV, but it was in the PAL system and so I arrived back in Canada with 15 hours of PAL footage and no means of viewing it. To cut a long and boring story short, I ended up having to buy a new editing computer and a new editing program etc, etc, to complete the project.

So it was late April before the program was finished, but as the next World Trial isn’t scheduled to take place until 2005, I hope that this will be time for you all to indulge yourselves by ordering up the Bala tape.

And so along came the summer and with it, the BSE crisis that has hit Canada, all because of one cow!! The drought and billions of grasshoppers. On the positive side, Jane and I traveled to Wisconsin in June, to produce a program on the Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair, the largest event of its kind in the world. This whole experience and the enthusiasm of the folk involved with the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, (MREA), made for a truly interesting and educational experience. The video is now complete and finished up being a full two hours demonstrating the many different ways that we can reconsider our use of fossil fuels and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

At the beginning of September I went to Stranraer, Scotland to shoot the footage for the 2003 International Sheepdog Championship. Scotland was typically wet, windy, misty and sunny all on the same day, for the three days!!

I returned back to Canada for one day and then drove to South Dakota, for the U.S Finals at Sturgis. Once I have completed the International Championships from Scotland, which will have to be in the next few days, I will then start working on the video for the U.S. finals.

A video program that I began in January this year, and that I am producing in partnership with the well known U.S. handler, Kent Kuykendall, is all about understanding the judging and scoring of a sheepdog trial. During this coming winter, Kent and I will complete this program.

So for all of you that are living in a balmier climate, the ground outside my editing studio is white with snow and the winter’s chores with our livestock have now begun. As the season to be merry will soon be upon us, I’ll take this opportunity to say, “have a good one!”

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