Farm life on Oakwood Grange

Cold weather is here to stay!


It’s January and the cold weather is now here to stay for a few months. It’s minus 33 with a wind chill of minus 43 this morning and so just right for staying inside and editing the next program. Or taking a trip to the warm south! Our mornings begin with our daily chores of feeding the sheep and cows and so we aren’t totally able to hide from the outside elements!

In the past few months I have completed both the 2002 British International video, 150 minutes, and just in the last few days I completed the 2002 United States National Finals video, held in Tennessee. This video is also 150 minutes. Lots of interesting footage, stories and interviews. The sleeve is being printed and so we are pretty well ready to ship.

I haven’t forgotten about the World Trial from Bala, Wales and it really is my next editing project. I’m off to the States to work on another video tomorrow. I’ll be away for a week. Details of that program will come out in the next news page. I have so many different programs I would like to work on but I just don’t have any extra time.

Another new video that I finished editing this past summer was “Summer on Ross Farm, the work of the pioneers”. It’s a 55 minute documentary and has been very well received to date. I loved working with these folk at the Ross Farm Museum, in Nova Scotia, and it was through their continual support that this video has been so successful.

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