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An Autumn of Sheepdog Trials


It’s been the autumn of sheepdog trials for us. In September I travelled to the UK to shoot the 2002 British International in Ireland. That program, 145 minutes, is now edited and ready to be sent out. I also filmed the World Trial in North Wales. This video won’t be ready until later in January. My problem was that my new camera quit on the first day of the trial and so I rented a PAL DVCam camera from Welsh TV. Having 15 hours of PAL tape has made the editing process very slow, ending in the decision to shelve the project until after Christmas when I would have more time.

I have recently arrived back from Tennessee and the US Border Collie Handlers Finals. That’s what I’m working on right now. The script is almost complete and then the editing will soon begin. I am hoping to have the video finished by Christmas!

Another new video that I have finished editing this summer was “Summer on Ross Farm, the work of the pioneers”. It’s a 55 minute documentary and has been very well received to date. I loved working with these folk at the Ross Farm Museum, in Nova Scotia, and it was through their continual support that this video has been so successful.

2002 British International Sheepdog Trials is now shipping!

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