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Sheep Farming and Management
Border Collies – training, sheepdog trials
Alternative Energy
24 Steps to making the 2004 ISDS International Sheepdog Trials DVD
23 Steps to producing The ISDS World Sheep Dog Trials, 2005 DVD

Sheep Management, Nutrition, Breeds, Selection and Shearing

Starting a Small-scale Sheep operation
The Goals of your New Sheep Operation
The most Successful Sheep Producers
Starting a New Sheep Flock
Sheep Selection
Sheep Production from my Experience
Sheep Breeds
Understanding Sheep Nutrition
Supplemental Feeds for Sheep Production
Flushing and Condition Scoring your Sheep Flock
Lambing Time in your Sheep Flock
Successful Lamb Management in a Sheep Operation
Veterinary Considerations in your Sheep flock
Carcass Quality and Grading in a Sheep Operation
Sheep Handling Facilities – Are they Necessary?

Video Reviews
The Basics of Good Sheep Management

Other Resources for the Sheep Industry
Sheep Journals and Periodicals
Sheep Breeds and Sheep Organisations
Sheep Supplies and Equipment

The Border Collie

The History of the Border Collie
The Beginning of Sheep Dog Trials
Sheedog Competitions and the Top Border Collies
Sheep Dog Trials in the UK
US Sheep Dog Trials

The Making of “Starting your Border Collie on Cattle, Sheep or Ducks”
Life with my first Border Collie, Dan
Learning from my Border Collie, Bess
Using a Border Collies natural balance
Producing my first video “Starting a Border Collie”
Producing my second video “Training and Working a Border Collie”
Producing my next video “Starting Your Border Collie on Cattle, Sheep or Ducks”

General Information on training a Border Collie
Training your Border Collie
Not all Border Collies are born equal
Horses for Courses
Buy your pup from a reputable breeder
Things to do and NOT to do
Understanding how a Border Collie works

The Making of “International Sheep Dog Societies International Sheep Dog Trials 2004″

Renewable Energy

To support our video “Renewable Energy Now!” Rural Route Videos have put together this list of alternative energy resources. Due to the high number of alternative energy resources available we have tried to list them in logical categories.

Click on any of the categories below to view the full list.
Alternative Energy Organizations
Batteries and Inverters
Renewable Energy Books and Magazines
Environmentally Responsible Construction
Heating Systems
Home, Clothing and Food
Landscape and the Environment
Renewable Energy
Solar Power
Transportation and Fuels
Wind Power

During the production of our video “Renewable Energy Now!” we spoke to many of the companies listed and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for advice provided.

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