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Training your Border Collie


StartingYourBorderCollie 211x300 Training your Border Collie

If the idea of owning and working a Border Collie seems like something you’d be interested in, then there really are some important considerations to understand. I’ve listed some here.

1. Not all Border Collies are born equal

2. Horses for Courses

3. Buy your pup from a reputable breeder

4. Things to do and not to do

5. Understanding how a Border Collie works

Border Collie Training Information

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  • Buy your Border Collie pup from a reputable breeder 3. There are many $50 pups to be found in your local agricultural weeklies. Unfortunately these may not turn out to be anything even close...
  • Understanding how a Border Collie work 5. This is an important part of my video, Starting Your Border Collie on Cattle, Sheep or Ducks. To understand what you should expect from...
  • Not all Border Collies are born equal 1. Much of the work of the International Sheep Dog Society, over the past 100 years, has been their work in helping to progress the...
  • Things to do and NOT to do 4. It’s hard for many new handlers’ to accept the importance of keeping the young pup away from the stock and in a restricted situation...
  • Horses for courses 2. When deciding on buying a Border Collie pup, you should bear in mind that some dogs will be more suitable for certain jobs. A...
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