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Life with my first Border Collie, Dan


StartingYourBorderCollie 211x300 Life with my first Border Collie, Dan

Dan was actually offered for sale at the Sennybridge livestock yards following the weekly sheep and cattle sale. He had been donated to the Conservative Society fund raising event, an annual event at the sales yard just before Christmas each year. Different farmers and businesses donated all sorts of things to the fundraiser, hay, an old ram, vet supplies, etc..

This young Border Collie and a bag of dog food had been donated by a hill farmer from the Cnewr Estate. If I remember rightly, I bid 5 pounds for Dan and 3 pounds for the bag of dog food.

After I had bought him, I asked around about how to train Dan but found that, although many of the farmers and shepherds in the area had working Border Collies, none of them really had any ideas of training one. “It will just start working”, was the most common answer. Dan and I struggled for many months and things did eventually work out to a fashion.

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