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3. There are many $50 pups to be found in your local agricultural weeklies. Unfortunately these may not turn out to be anything even close to what you are requiring. A notice in our local vet clinic last year caught my eye. It read, “Border Collie pups for sale. Father part Lab, mother part Terrier. Excellent cattle dog potential”. So you see, what one person may be selling as a Border Collie has nothing to do with the wise and true Border Collie.

A reputable breeder should offer a demonstration of the sire and dam of your potential pup. See the genetic background of the pup demonstrated. Don’t take the excuse that they haven’t had the time to train the parents or that “they would have been great working dogs but I don’t know how to train them”. A top Border Collie breeder should be able to do all of these things.

A reputable breeder should offer to give guidance in starting and training your pup. Hopefully they’ll suggest buying my training tape! For myself, I tell my puppy customers to keep the pup out of trouble and bad habits until it is 10 to 12 months old and then bring it back some afternoon and I’ll start it working and balancing while they wait. They can then see what to do and take it home and continue on. This may seem obvious but I am constantly being phoned to help start someone’s pup, bought from another breeder. I never take on these requests because I really don’t need the harassment of some crazed, sheep abusing mutt ripping the rear end off my flock.

Border Collie Training Information

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