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The Beginning of Sheep Dog Trials


StartingYourBorderCollie 211x300 The Beginning of Sheep Dog Trials

In 1873, the first recorded sheepdog trial took place near the town of Bala in North Wales. Here a challenge was made between the owner of the estate near Bala and a Scottish landowner, both of which felt their respective shepherds, had the wisest of Border Collies in Britain. The Scottish shepherd traveled to the trial field at Bala with his dog, competed on this historic field, and then returned victorious to Scotland, the champion of all Border Collies. That was the start of the sheepdog trials, as we know them today. In the early 1900′s the International Sheepdog Society, the ISDS, started up as the official registry of the Border Collie.

The ISDS remains the most formidable registry, but other countries have also developed their own associations. In North America, the American Border Collie Association has become the most favored of registries and is a main sponsor for the National finals competitions, organized by the United States Border Collie Handlers Association. The USBCHA organizes most of the trials and major competitions, both for sheepdogs and also cattledogs, throughout the States and Canada. Sheepdog Competitions and the Top Border Collies.

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