Alternative Energy Fact Sheets

Solar Power


RenewableEnergyNow 211x300 Solar Power

AAA Solar Supply Inc.

Astro Power – Solar Module Manufacturer

BP Solar International, LLC – Solar Module Manufacturer

BTF Ltd – Solar water heating, Solar LED lamps and Solar battery chargers

Dankoff Solar Products – Wholesale distributor of solar, wind, thermal and solar water pumping systems

Draker Solar Design LLC – Data acquisition and educational displays tailored to renewable energy and sustainable technology applications

Evergreen Solar – Developer and manufacturer of PV modules

Grupo Fenix Skyheat Associates – Creating a solar culture in Nicaragua. Manufacture and install PV systems, solar cookers etc in Nicaragua

Innovative Power Systems – Specializing in wind power and solar technology and also in other energy efficient applications such as radiant heater design and consultation

JRV Products, Inc. – Photovoltaic modules, solar trickle chargers, custom solar modules, recreational power products for campers and backpackers

Kyocera Solar Inc. – Over 25 years Kyocera has worked to manufacture, design and install solar photovoltaic components and systems world wide

Lake Michigan Wind and Sun – Design, build, sales, service, installation of solar electric, solar thermal, wind power and hybrid energy systems

Morningstar Corporation

Solar cooker construction Kevin Dahle – Manufacturer of solar cooker

Solar Oven Society – Low cost, effective, durable, attractive, solar ovens, education and training to help families in sun-rich, fuel-poor countries

Solar Pathfinder – An instrument that gives a year’s worth of solar and shade information in one 15 minute siting

SunDanzer – Efficient 12, 24 volt DC fridges and freezers designed to be powered by RE of solar PV systems

Sunline Solar Inc. – Installation of alternative energy equipment, Design of LED lighting with focus on unique solar lighting applications

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