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RenewableEnergyNow 211x300 Alternative Energy Books and Magazines

Alternative Energy News – Consolidated links to alternative energy and renewable energy News

BackHome Magazine

Backwoods Home Magazine

Big Bluestem Press – Nature based novels and stories

Countryside Publications Ltd

Home Power Magazine

Inn Serendipity – Lisa Kivirist – Innkeepers, authors and conservationists. Authors of “Rural Renaissance: Renewing the quest for the good life”

Last Straw Journal

Mother Earth News – The original guide to living wisely, giving you the most current information on renewable energy, organic gardening and self-sufficient living

Natural Home Magazine

New Society Publishers – Books that contribute in an ecologically sustainable and just society

New World Publishing – Offering a wide range of books on sustainable topics. Renewable energy, holistic health, activism and organic gardening. Publisher of several books on sustainableagriculture

Peak Oil News – Consolidated news links relating to production theory for the peak oil crisis and peak oil survival.

Energy Planet – A directory of renewable energy resources.

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